Commentaries on Living Second Series
Title: Baligondu Bhashya 2nd series
Translator: Dr. Mahabaleshwar Rao
(300 pages; Price: Rs 150/-)

The "Baligondu Bhashya" series represents an entirely new genre of writing - a blend of lyrical descriptions of nature, philosophical reflections and psychological insights, all informed by a deeply religious sensibility and couched in lucid, absorbing prose. The second book in this series deals with a wide range of topics such as - boredom, conditioning, conformity, desire, fear, karma, the 'I', death, freedom, meditation and "an immensity that was aware of itself without measure". In these dialogues, the ways of the self are unravelled through Krishnamurti's probing intelligence.

Krishnamurti on Education
Title: Shikshana 2nd Edition
Translator: Shri S.T. Kashikar
(158 pages; Price: Rs 90/-)

This book is the outcome of talks and discussions held by J.Krishnamurti with the students and teachers of Rishi Valley School, Andhra Pradesh and Rajghat Besant School, Varanasi. Krishnamurti regards education as of prime significance in the communication of that which is central to the transformation of the human mind and the creation of a new culture. As the topics in these stimulating talks & dialogues reveal, he questions the very roots of our culture so that a comprehensive view on education emerges.

Life Ahead
Title: Preethi Endarenu?
Translator: Prof. Nagabhushan Swamy
(Chapters 8-10; 31 pages; Price: Rs 25/-)

"Preethi Endarenu?" is a translation of chapters 8-10 of the book "Life Ahead" by J.Krishnamurti. The book covers a wide range of themes - sorrow, misery, social work, economic inequalities, rituals, prayer, pride, vanity, egotism, the art of listening, the importance of understanding the mind and the meaning of love. Education is central to Krishnamurti's vision of life, and Life Ahead is the first collection of his talks to students, teachers and parents.

J.Krishnamurti: Biography
Title: Jiddu Krishnamurti: Jeevana - Darshana
Author: Dr.N. Murari Ballal
(242 pages; Price: Rs 130/-)

This is the first ever biography on J.Krishnamurti to be published in the Kannada language. Written with a lot of grace and poetry, it brings out many interesting facts concerning Krishnaji's life as an immensely popular public speaker, educator, philosopher and an extraordinary religious teacher. This was also to be the last book by the well-known economist and environmentalist, the Late Dr.N.Murari Ballal, who not only was a compassionate human being deeply concerned about our environment, but also, an extremely devoted student of Krishnaji's teachings - teachings that point to a reality beyond delusive notions of freedom and psychological entrapments of the ego or self. It will soon become obvious to the reader that this book has been completed with great care, dedication and sensitivity.

Freedom from the Known
Title: Tilidudellava Bittu
Translator: Prof.G. Venkatasubbiah
(136 pages; Price: Rs 90/-)

First published in English in 1969 as "Freedom from the known", this popular Krishnamurti book deals with such diverse topics as awareness, conditioning, consciousness, death, fear, freedom, knowledge, God, love & meditation. In this book, the reader will also find a clear explanation of the assertion- "the observer is the observed", which Krishnamurti considered to be the essential core of the teachings.