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History seems to be the story of man-made catastrophes, and these seem to occur regularly, repeatedly and unfailingly, always taking the world by shock and surprise, disproving all the predictions and promises of the pundits and experts, setting at naught the calculations of the intellect, defying logic and reason, and leaving human beings baffled and helpless. Between one crisis and the next lies what we call our normal life. In that so-called normal life we give our time and energy to everything except serious inquiry and reflection on the purpose of human existence in general and our life in particular. We never ask whether our present way of living itself is not the cause of the next global crisis. The question may never occur to us and, even if it does, we dare not face it.

This is precisely the challenge J. Krishnamurti throws at us-make us aware of a number of fundamental questions, some of which are given here as excerpts from his talks and writings of nearly five decades, covering the years from 1934 to 1985.

The Real Crisis
Digital Booklet – English
The Real Crisis
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This is the website for Study Centre, Bangalore located within the green and spacious campus of the Valley School. The Study Centre was initiated by J. Krishnamurti. The Centre offers a quiet space, away from one's daily routine, for reflecting on one's life in the light of Krishnamurti's teachings. The Study Centre is set in a place of great natural beauty and silence. The Study Centre offers a simple and austere way of living for seekers of truth.

In these web pages you'll find a short biography of J.Krishnamurti, some quotes hinting at what the Teachings are trying to convey, activities of the Study Centre, and how you can participate in the activities of The Study Centre.

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