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The Valley School Campus,
Off Kanakpura Road, Thatguni Post,
Bangalore – 560082

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Directions from the Metro Station, Silk Institute (Green Line)

Currently this is the last Metro station on Kanakpura Road. From here the Valley School gate is around 3 km. One can take an auto, OLA, or Uber to come to the main gate of The Valley School. From the gate the Study Centre is around 1 km.

Directions to the Study Centre, Bangalore

The Study Centre is located on the same campus as The Valley School. Coming on Kanakpura Road, go pass the Saraki Signal and then go pass Konanukonte Cross (landmark Metro Store). Then pass Talghatpura Police Station and NICE Road (peripheral Road - overhead bridge). Stay on Kanakpura Road. Just before the last pillar make a right turn. Here is a sign in yellow for The Valley School. Come straight to the school gate (without making any turns). The school gate is 2km from Kankapura Road. Ask the security for directions for the Study Centre.

Directions from Bangalore Central & Majestic Bus Stand on local buses

  • Direct Bus to Silk Farm: 211B and 211F
  • Take a local bus to Banashankari Bus Stand on Kanakpura Road. This is one of the major bus stands in Bangalore. Take bus # 211, 212,213, 214,216,218. All buses have a,b,c,d at the end of the number. Check with the conductor to make sure that it will come to Silk Farm on Kanakpura Road.
  • Take a local bus to Banashankari Bus Stand on Kanakpura Road. Take Bus no. 212c from Banashankari. This bus comes closest to the gate of Valley school after making a right turn from Silk Farm. Get down before the bus makes right to the Rachanmadu village. This is the best option to come to the Valley School campus.
  • From Majestic two buses 211b and 211j come to the Silk Farm, Kanakpura Road.